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APRECA is a private body for in-house training, which was created in 1990. Its European vocation became clear very quickly, firstly through its language-teaching department (University of Cambridge examination centre for Champagne-Ardenne and Burgundy, Pilot Centre in France for the DIRECT ENGLISH method which was developed by the group PEARSON), and since 1991, through the interregional exchange programme EURODYSSEE.


Since, APRECA has developed its know-how in the framework of different community programmes (LEONARDO DA VINCI, ADAPT, ADAPT/STEER), regional programmes (IRLANDYSSEE), or private programmes (PRACTICE).

Strong from this experience and relying on a vast network of partners in Europe, APRECA wishes to provide its know how to different bodies, institutions and companies, and situates itself as a "logistics platform" in terms of training, exchanges and international placement programmes.


The fact that APRECA is present in Champagne-Ardenne, Ile de France,  Bourgogne and Poitou Charente has made it possible to develop an important network of host companies in the different sectors of activities, so as to meet the specific requirements of our partners.

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